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Terms and condition
Cancellation / refund policy:
1 if someone want to cancel his admission, he may cancill the admission within 10 days after the deposting fees to cmsdo, he has to give sufficient reason for cancelling the admission, if cmsdo management satisfy with the reason , the management will cancill the admission and refund the full fees with deducting 1000 rs There may be other reasons also for cancellation of admission,

1. If the supporting documents/copies of educational certificates are not completely provided.
2. If the fee paid is less than the applicable fee.
3. If at any time it becomes known that the minimum eligibility criteria are not fulfilled by the student.
4. If incorrect or wrong information is provided by the student.
5. If a student is found taking admission of self or others by fraudulent means.
In that case , Fee paid is not refundable or adjustable under any circumstances Board of management: The board of management of CMSDO is the principal body of execution. The board of management has the power of management and administration of the institution and the conduct of all the affairs of the institutions not otherwise provided for fulfilment of the institutions to make it execellance of institutions for promoting skill based programme in the field of vocational training.

Advisory Board: Executive council: executive council is the principal council of the institution to monitor and control the executive function of the institute. The council assist the board of management in the discharge of many its function of academic and administrative nature to strengthen the institute in all respect, Academic council: academic council exercises the general supervision of the academic work of institution, method of evaluation research and improvement of academic standards. It laydown the curriculum and frame syllabus for various programme offered by the institutions and promote research and promote research activities and programmes. It determines equivalance and improvement in academic standards of institution.

Examination council: examination council is the highest body of conducting the examination. Its lay down the pre examination, actual conduct the examination and post examination process of examination. The examination council appoints paper setter, moderators, evaluators and also result committee, its functions the overall control of board of management. It takes all the measures to maintain the reliability, validity and credibility of examination conduct by the institutions.